What's WinEject?

WinEject is a small windows utility to open and close the tray of cd-rom and DVD drives. Other removable media (like ZIP disks or streamer tapes) can also be ejected.

Other features:

  • Supports more than one drive
  • Controllable with your mouse by clicking on an icon sitting in your system tray
  • Or use hotkeys to open and close your drives
  • Eject on windows shutdown - you'll never forget your media!
  • Lock drives
  • Easy installation and deinstallation
  • Runs with Win 95, 98, ME as well as with Windows NT, 2000 and XP (Home/Professional)
  • ...and much more!

Read the complete list of all features!


WinEject Screenshot


WinEject 2.00 (english)

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